How To Get Great Results With Curling Tongs?

How To Get Great Results With Curling Tongs?

So, you have finally found those curling tongs that you have been dying to have your hands on but do you have any idea how to get the best results from using them? Before you give it a go and end up making some silly mistakes, you might want to read some useful tips and advice first to ensure that you will get the curly results that you want.

Prior to using your curling tongs, determine first if the time is really right. You should know that for you to have longer lasting curls, it is important that you wash your hair one day before curling it because the shape can easily drop when the hair is clean. You might also want to apply some styling products that can help in structuring the curl. You can opt for a good styling mousse or if you want a softer result, you might be better off in using a curl definition product. Whatever you choose, make sure that you apply this to wet hair as this can add spring and body to your curls.

curling long hair

An important tip to remember is that curling tongs can be used only on dry hair. Be thorough in blow drying your hair and be careful that you do not burn your tresses. Take out your curling tongs, whatever diameter you like, depending on the kind of result that you want to achieve. Wider barrel means bigger curls and vice versa. Pick the sections that you like to curl. There is no need to curl the entire length of your hair if you do not want to as this can take too much time.

Observe proper care and you will surely get the best results using your curling tongs.