How to Curl Long Hair with Curling Tongs?

How to Curl Long Hair with Curling Tongs?

If you feel like your long hair can use some major revamp, then, it is about time that you finally learn how to use curling tongs to give your tresses that curly and sexy look that every woman today envies.

So, how do you curl your long hair using curling tongs?

First, you have to section the bottom part of your hair from ear to ear. Clip any remaining hair out of way. Put the curling tongs halfway down your hair. Start turning your hair in the curl’s direction. Slowly, release the clamp with your thumb or fingers to let the tong’s barely collect more hair. While doing so, wind the curling tongs toward your scalp. Do not completely release the clamp if you don’t want to let lose all the hair. Do the process again and ensure that you get all your hair all the way to the ends. Wait for 3 to 5 seconds for your hair to heat and set. Release the tong’s clamp then remove it from your hair.

Next, create one more section that is an inch higher than the previous one. Follow the similar process as the first and take note that winding less hair around the curling tong will mean more curls for you. Do the same process working from the front of your face towards the back of your head. Once completed, you will surely love the results of your curly long hair that gives you an entirely different look and personality.


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